Saturday, July 10, 2010

LFO Illustrated

A decade ago, you may have been touched by the words of the Lyte Funky Ones, more commonly known as LFO. Get ready to be (appropriately) touched again by "LFO Illustrated".

I promise I also did a lot of real work today but since I'm afraid of hair dryers I need something to pass the time while the watercolor dries.  (If you are wondering what is so scary about hair dryers, it's part of a noise thing that includes vacuum cleaners and lawnmowers but I should probably save that information for


  1. (And did your real work also include designing that thing for me? I also have a friend who wants you to draw a tattoo for him if you want.)

  2. no, real work included my book.
    has your friend seen my work or did he just want "an artist" to design it and you said you knew one? I seriously doubt anyone would want the things i do permanently etched onto their one-of-a-kind body skin.
    Allow me to direct you to my tattoo designs for Laura: