Monday, June 28, 2010


Ooops, I forgot to do a graduation post!
I wasn't too fond of the robe and only wore it for pictures after the ceremony. Synthetic fabric in an unflattering cut? No thank you!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Orange Sketchbook

For our final installment in The Series (for now) I bring you The Orange Sketchbook.  It starts off pleasantly enough, of course, but then chronicles my slow decent into madness.  I plan to dedicate this sketchbook to similarly ridiculous ventures as this one:

Spring Sketchbook 2010

The Series continues with this old favorite that captures all the joys of a RISD spring:

Fall Sketchbook 2009

To continue our Classic Sketchbook series is an assortment of pages from last fall's sketchbook.  Since it's word-heavy you can read my thoughts.

2009 Summer Sketchbook

While I haven't been quite as prolific as I would like this summer, I did manage to figure out the new Lamb scanner and get some old work in there to test it out.  The first of our Classic Sketchbook Series is last summer's sketchbook which is edited much less than it should be.  I would say enjoy, but I'm not going to set unrealistic expectations for you.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Look at my Book!

I'm only putting up bits of this online because I live in fear of plot pirates but will gladly show any of you the full dummy upon request.
So heeeeeeere's Johns!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Story Sketches

This is a look at the general beginning of working out the illustrations of a book.  I always begin with a story but have a general sense of what my characters might look out while I write it.  Then I do a few loose doodles to work out the basic idea of my characters, then commit to a full page of playing with color and expressions, trying to reach a level of consistency and understanding.

The notes on the page are only for my benefit and only occasionally have anything to do with the story.
And there you go!  Hopefully I'll post up a couple more Johns-related images soon.